Initialization Options


  • automagically export defined variables; not recommended.


  • if set, parameters defined in functions are defined in global contexts as well; I don't like that one.


  • if unset, none of the initialization files are sourced (except for the global zshenv file).
  • this also affects history saving: when 'rcs' is unset, the shell history will *not* be saved to $HISTFILE.


  • if unset the global 'zprofile', 'zshrc', 'zlogin' and 'zlogout' files are not read.


  • login shell. this option can be set manually or automatically when the shell is invoked as '-' (actually, when the first character of argv[0] is '-')

Files loaded on startup

The following files will be sourced in this order if they exist, provided the options on the right are set. See also STARTUP/SHUTDOWN FILES in zsh(1).

/etc/profilercs globalrcs login
~/.zprofilercs login
/etc/zshrcrcs globalrcs interactive
~/.zshrcrcs interactive
/etc/zloginrcs globalrcs login
~/.zloginrcs login
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